How to Tell If My Child Has a Fracture

Date Created: 09/12/2016
By Christopher Hamann, M.D., ABEM, ACEP

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Children tend not to be careful when they’re playing. In fact, playtime can sometimes result in a broken vase or overturned chair,  leading to a visit to an urgent care center. From scratches and sprains to fractures, GuideWell Emergency Doctors can help you and your loved ones.

A fracture is another term for a broken bone. Fractures are the fourth most common injury in children and differ from adult fractures.  Children’s bones tend to be more flexible and are able to absorb shock better than adults’ bones.

How to determine if it’s a fracture

Keep in mind that just because your child can move his or her arm does not mean they’re in the clear. There still could be a fracture present. Here’s how to tell:

  1. Pain: If it is painful for your child to move or touch the area.
  2. Deformed: If the injured area looks misshapen or deformed. In some cases, the bone may also poke through the skin.
  3. Sound: If you or your child heard a snap or grinding noise when the injury happened.

4.Swelling or bruising: If the area that was injured is starting to swell or bruise

What to do if there is a fracture

If you believe your child has fractured a bone, it is important that you limit movement immediately and seek medical attention. It is also important to not give them anything to eat or drink, or medicine to relieve pain, until seen by a physician who may prescribe something different.

Call 911 immediately if you believe your child’s neck, back or head have been injured severely or the bone has come through the skin.

After a physician has inspected the injury, diagnostic imaging such as an x-ray may be required to determine the extent of the injury.

If your child does indeed have a fracture, you may find that it will require a surgical procedure. Most likely, only a cast will be needed to limit movement so the bone can heal.

Your child being injured while playing is nothing to take lightly. If you believe that your child may have a fracture, please seek attention immediately. GuideWell Emergency Doctors can assist in getting your child on the path to recovery quickly and effectively. If you’re unable to get a quick appointment with your primary care physician and don’t want to wait in the ER for a long period of time, come to GuideWell Emergency Doctors. We have two urgent care facilities in Orlando and will soon open a third location. 

Christopher Hamann, M.D., ABEM, ACEP

Dr. Hamann is board certified with the American Board of Emergency Medicine. He is a graduate of the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Florida HSC, Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Hamann has held positions as Staff Physician at Cleveland Clinic Hospital-Naples and as Assistant Director of Emergency Medicine at Physicians Regional Medical System in Naples, Florida. Dr. Hamann has many interests including architecture, landscape design, surfing, paddle boarding, mountain biking, cooking, and baking. He and his wife, Lisa, have two daughters.

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